I am Santiago Blanco Mulero, an artist, music producer and engineer specialized in urban music. 

I have always been passionate about music, I began my first steps singing in the school as a soprano, learning piano and drums at a very young age. Then I moved to the urban music, really deep in the hip-hop and rap music, constantly researching the vibe and essence from United States and because of that I started being in love with the world of sound. 

As a sound engineer, I always do what is best for the record, delivering the highest quality possible while preserving and enhancing the feel of the record.

As a producer and composer, my main purpose is to create music that emphasizes the feeling of the original idea, while adding some freshness, punch, and character that stays true to the artist's vision.

"Artists make songs, and songs for artists are like their children,

so I always keep this in mind when I am working on a project." -Santiago Blanco Mulero

I have been working in sound studios for the last 12 years from music to post-production, for cinema and localized content, working for leading streaming platforms in the audio/visual industry. I also have in-depth knowledge of surround sound (5.1, 7.1) as well as Dolby Atmos in a real Dolby Atmos environment.

The most significant knowledge I have comes from my work as a sound engineer in live performances. I first approached a top music studio at MusicLan Studios (Girona). Since 2017, I have been working at Deluxe Spain (Barcelona), where I currently work as a post-production Lead Editor. My passion comes from my joy of being part of this world of sound in all its variety and complexity.